MTI Profile


Originally founded in 1957
Specializes in aeronautical manufacturing technologies, materials, equipments
Headquarter in Beijing
2 subsidiary institutes, 2 subsidiary companies

AVIC Manufacturing Technology Institute (MTI) is a comprehensive research institute that specializes in advanced manufacturing technologies, materials and equipments.

Being a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), MTI operates with aviation industry at the core and focuses on fundamental, application, engineering, industrialization research and development (R&D) of new materials, manufacturing technologies and process equipments. In more than 60 years of operation, MTI has been providing key processing technologies and equipments to China’s new aircraft developing, aero-engine developing and aircraft factory upgrading. MTI also provides technical supports for aerospace, electronics, ship, and other industries.

Apart from the MTI headquarter in Beijing, MTI currently operates 2 subsidiary research institutes and 2 subsidiary companies including 1 listed company.

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MTI’s Missions And Objectives

Our missions guide our future strategies and objectives. They are reflected in our work planning and decision making and as such, provide guidance to our day-to-day R&D activities.


- Upgrading technology readiness from TRL3 to TRL6

- Prototyping of critical aero-product components

- Transferring technologies to AVIC production facilities

- Supplying special machines and equipments to aviation industry

- Providing contract R&D services

- Leading China’s advanced aeronautical manufacturing technology and special equipment R&D


Given the missions above, we have strategically set our objectives to research on light, strong and high temperature resistant structures that can meet strict aeronautical requirements; to explore effective processing methods for advanced aeronautical structures; to build cost effective and reliable models and upgrade supporting technologies and to develop efficient and precise aero-product manufacturing equipments.

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Facilities and Resources

MTI is currently operates from 973000 square meters of researching, testing, manufacturing and training spaces with more than 10000 homemade and imported experimental equipments and machining equipments.

Skilled and motivated professionals are integral to providing positive R&D outcomes. More than 1500 researchers and engineers are working for R&D at MTI with over 160 PhDs. Among our professionals, many are influential experts who are dedicated to explore edging aeronautical technologies and better solutions for tough technological and technical problems and their hard work keeps on vitalizing China’s aviation industry.

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R&D Excellence

Through years of operation, MTI has been pushing the boundaries of manufacturing technology and supporting AVIC with advanced technologies, processing solutions, prototypes and special equipments.

To the present day, MTI has been engaging in numerous sub-disciplines and has delivered many domestic and international breakthrough technologies especially in polymer matrix composites, special welding, digitalized flexible assembly and metal forming, etc.

MTI’s honors and awards include several national invention awards, a large number of national or governmental recognized scientific and technological progress awards and more than 10 special honors for participating in new plane R&D projects, etc. In the past 5 years, there are totally 349 authorized patents granted to MTI.