CNC Machines

3-axis/5-axis High Speed Milling Machines

The machines provided by MTI are suitable for the high speed effective machining for various kinds of complex aircraft structures, equipped with high efficiency rotation devices and electric spindles, wide chip cleaners, large tool magazines, tool inspection systems, etc. Besides, MTI also provides the machines for composite material, which are equipped with strong dust cleaning devices. Double-gantry and multi-spindle structures can be selected as customized requirements to fulfill synchronous machining of several workpieces.
MTI’s mutual machining center products can be divided into different series, including X53K and X5032 Series Vertical Milling Machines, X6140 and X6132 Series Horizontal Milling Machines, XKA5040, XKA5032, XKA6140 and XKA6132 Series CNC Milling Machines, XK9350 and XK9380 Series CNC Roll Milling Machines, CK Series CNC Lathes, SL Series CNC Lathes, VMC Series Vertical Machining Centers, X20 and X30 Series Gantry Type Milling Machines, 9JYC Series Straw Briquetting Machines and SZLH Series Biomass Granulators.

Bridge type 3-axis high speed milling machine

Bridge Type 3-axis High Speed Milling Machine

Gantry type 3-axis high speed milling machine

Gantry Type 3-axis High Speed Milling Machine