Composite Manufacture Machines

Composite Tape Laying Machine

Large Composite Tape Laying Machine adopts on open high bridge structure and the tape laying head mounted on the crossrail traveling rapidly along the guide rails can be positioned rapidly and approaches the mould easily to lay the prepreg tapes automatically and continuously along any direction of the moulds. The max feeding speed of X-axis and Y-axis is 60000mm/min, and the max feeding speed of Z-axis is 25000mm/min. The width of prepreg tapes are 150 and 300 mm.

Composite tape laying machine

Composite Tape Laying Machine

Tape laying for flat structure

Tape Laying for Flat Structure

Automatic Composite Fiber Placement Machine

Automatic Fiber Placement Machine was developed based on MTI’s experience on the R&D of Large Scale Bridge Type CNC Machine Tools and Composite Tape Laying Machines as well as the research on the manufacturing technologies of large composite material structure. The machine is used for the placement of fiber of various specifications such as 18, 32 and 64 tows. Unidirectional tows are placed automatically and continuously along any direction of the forming moulds adjusting to the changing curvature of the part surface. A combination of design and manufacture makes the fiber placement machine perform in the functions of tow feeding, positioning, ultrasonic cutting, rolling, tension control of the tows, defect detection, etc..