Welding Equipments

As an expert in electron beam welding (EB welding) technologies and EB welding equipment, MTI is capable of developing and producing all kinds of EB welding equipment (Voltage: 20kV-150kV, max power: 60kW). Our newly developed high-voltage EB welding machine has been put into use in actual manufacturing activities. Also, we are open for customized equipments and can design and produce equipments based on customer’s requirements, for example provide medium voltage and high voltage electronic guns to weld parts with different properties and structural features.

EB welding equipment

EB Welding Equipment

CNC Machines

The machines provided by MTI are suitable for the high speed effective machining for various kinds of complex aircraft structures, equipped with high efficiency rotation devices and electric spindles, wide chip cleaners, large tool magazines, tool inspection systems, etc. Besides, MTI also provides the machines for composite material, which are equipped with strong dust cleaning devices. Double-gantry and multi-spindle structures can be selected as customized requirements to fulfill synchronous machining of several workpieces.
MTI’s mutual machining center products can be divided into different series, including X53K and X5032 Series Vertical Milling Machines, X6140 and X6132 Series Horizontal Milling Machines, XKA5040, XKA5032, XKA6140 and XKA6132 Series CNC Milling Machines, XK9350 and XK9380 Series CNC Roll Milling Machines, CK Series CNC Lathes, SL Series CNC Lathes, VMC Series Vertical Machining Centers, X20 and X30 Series Gantry Type Milling Machines, 9JYC Series Straw Briquetting Machines and SZLH Series Biomass Granulators.

Bridge type 3-axis high speed milling machine

Bridge Type 3-axis High Speed Milling Machine

Gantry type 3-axis high speed milling machine

Gantry Type 3-axis High Speed Milling Machine





Composite Manufacture Machines

Large Composite Tape Laying Machine adopts on open high bridge structure and the tape laying head mounted on the crossrail traveling rapidly along the guide rails can be positioned rapidly and approaches the mould easily to lay the prepreg tapes automatically and continuously along any direction of the moulds. The max feeding speed of X-axis and Y-axis is 60000mm/min, and the max feeding speed of Z-axis is 25000mm/min. The width of prepreg tapes are 150 and 300 mm.

Composite tape laying machine

Composite Tape Laying Machine

Tape laying for flat structure

Tape Laying for Flat Structure

Tyre Machinery

As one of the leading organizations in China undertaking rubber machinery, MTI developed the first “All steel radial truck tyre building machine” for domestic market in 1992. With more than 20 years’ experience in tyre machinery design and manufacture, MTI has developed many types of tyre building machine, vulcanizing machine, and inspection machines, for both domestic and overseas markets with great reputation. In addition, a National Prize has been awarded to MTI for recognizing its achievement in terms of research and marketing of tyre machinery.

Automatic tyre convey & sorting system and manufacturing execution systems

Automatic Tyre Convey & Sorting System and Manufacturing Execution Systems

Single-stage All-steel Radial Truck Tire Building Machine(four drums)

Single-stage All-steel Radial Truck Tire Building Machine(four drums)

Uni-stage Radial Passenger Tire Building Machine

Uni-stage Radial Passenger Tire Building Machine

Pharmaceutical Machinery

MTI, appointed by the State Pharmaceutical Administration in 1985, is the first unit in China conducting development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical machinery. After more than 30 years’ hard working, MTI has established an integrated system consisting of design, manufacturing, sales and technical support, and is capable of providing various series of equipments and verification necessary for lab test, pilot test and automated bulk production.
Pharmaceutical machinery provided by MTI includes Granulators, Tablet Press Machines, Coating Machines, Granulating and Drying Lines, and Tablet Press Conveying System. MTI could also provide technical support and services for solid dosage production and for pharmaceutical factories.

BG1-5 Coating machine

BG1-5 Coating Machine

Inspection Machinery

Inspection Machinery




MTI masters the high-performance resin formulation technology, resin /fiber matching technology, resin toughening technology and high-precision prepreg manufacturing technology through its subsidiary unit-AVIC ACC. ACC’s resin system includes epoxy resin, BMI resin, polyimide resin, phenolic resin and cyanate ester resin. The resin and prepreg developed by MTI are widely applied in aviation, aerospace, healthcare, transportation and other fields.

Typical Products:



  For further composites products information, please see ACC

Metallic structure manufacture

MTI is capable of fabricating many kinds of metallic structure products by using metal forming, welding and joining technologies in different specifications. The targeting metals involve Ti alloy, Al alloy, stainless steel, and high temperature alloy.

Metallic structure manufacture


Metal honeycomb

As major components with advantages of light-weight and relatively high-strength, metal honeycombs have been widely used in both aircrafts and aero-engine structures . MTI has been fabricating Ti and steel honeycombs via precise forming and automatic welding technologies for decades. Many types of metal honeycombs with excellent properties and different specifications have been delivered to the customers.

Metal honeycomb




A series of high pressure composite cylinders, including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) cylinders, compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders, and compressed hydrogen (CGH) cylinders, have been supplied by one of MTI’s subsidiary companies. The composite cylinders with span liner of Al alloy winded by carbon fiber composites are developed based on more than 20 years experience on spinning and composite technologies.
The cylinder products have been fully qualified and met both China and international standards.
Compared with the traditional pressure vessels, the composite cylinders are safer and lighter with better quality, longer service life and good corrosion-resistance performance. The cylinders could work stably in various kinds of weathers. The applications involve the areas of healthcare, fire fighting, energy, chemistry, metallurgy, petroleum, and mines. In addition, MTI is able to provide customized cylinder products and has been acting as a cylinder supplier to Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo.



Composite Honeycomb

MTI and ACC’s honeycomb business covers R&D, production, sales and service of aramid honeycomb, PMI foam, durable Al honeycomb core and sandwich structure.
The expertise is highlighted by large size aramid honeycomb, over-expanded honeycomb and 3D flexible honeycomb, drilled and slotted honeycomb manufacturing as well as key technology of durable Al honeycomb and PMI foam core manufacturing.
The application of as-produced honeycomb involves aerospace, rail transportation, marine, construction, sport and medical equipment.

Main Products:


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