Welding Equipments

EB Welding Equipment

As an expert in electron beam welding (EB welding) technologies and EB welding equipment, MTI is capable of developing and producing all kinds of EB welding equipment (Voltage: 20kV-150kV, max power: 60kW). Our newly developed high-voltage EB welding machine has been put into use in actual manufacturing activities. Also, we are open for customized equipments and can design and produce equipments based on customer’s requirements, for example provide medium voltage and high voltage electronic guns to weld parts with different properties and structural features.

EB welding equipment

EB Welding Equipment

Friction Stir Welding Equipment

MTI has developed 9 series of friction stir welding equipments including tape type, static gantry type, dynamic gantry type, cantilever type, etc. Advanced smart equipments were developed by integrating key technologies of pressure control, laser tracking, touch positioning, flexible control, key hole filling, CNC controlling space welding.
Over 100 sets of friction stir welding equipment in total have been manufactured and delivered to the customers in both domestic and aboard markets in areas of aerospace, aviation, high speed train, vehicle transportation, and ship building.

Large size  FSW equipment

Large Size FSW Equipment

Large size gantry type FSW equipment

Large Size Gantry Type FSW Equipment

Middle size gantry type FSW equipment

Middle Size Gantry Type FSW Equipment

Robotic FSW equipment

Robotic FSW Equipment

Welded CFSW symbol

Welded CFSW Symbol


Laser welding equipment

MTI-developed laser welding equipment equipped with advanced high power laser and optical fiber could fulfill the requirement of 3D laser flexible welding, cutting, and drilling.

One example is the dual-beam Welding Machine, as developed by MTI, is capable of welding Ti and Al alloy T-joints of ribbed skin panels, as well as the ones of ship decks. The machine possesses the functions of laser welding with filler wire, Laser-MIG hybrid welding, and automatic off-line programming.

Dual-beam welding equipment

Dual-beam Welding Equipment