Manufacturing Systems

Self-adaptive Machining

MTI is the first research organization in China to launch self-adaptive machining R&D and has made many breakthroughs in areas of on-line measurement, blank alignment, profile reconfiguration, CNC program generation, software upgrading, etc.

Fields of application:
Self-adaptive machining technology has been applied for manufacturing engine fan blades and blisks.

Self-adaptive Machining-Blisk

self-adaptive machining

Self-adaptive Machining


Flexible Assembly

In terms of flexible assembly technologies, the research team at MTI has obtained a lot of scientific and engineering outcomes, including know-how in assembly techniques, visual simulation, automatic electro-magnetic riveting tooling design and manufacture, large component docking. The as-developed technologies have been well applied for assembling Al and polymer based composite materials, and for establishment of actual assembly production line in many aviation factories. In addition to that, MTI is also capable to provide technical support and software developments to fulfill customers’ requirement.

Fields of Application:
Large aircraft component assembly

Digital Alignment System of Large Components of Wings

Digital Alignment System of Large Components of Wings

Flexible positioning  tooling

Flexible Positioning Tooling

Robotic drilling & riveting

Robotic Drilling & Riveting


Robot Integration

For developing the robotic system for application of aeronautical manufacture, MTI mainly concentrates on the R&D of system integration, programming and simulation, position error compensation, multi-robot coordination, multi-functional end-effector design, etc. Various series of robotic systems have been developed and used for the real aeronautical production. Moreover, snake robots, creeping robots, fexible rail robots are developed by MTI for special applications.

Fields of Application:
Double-robot drilling & riveting system, movable robotic drilling system, dual-beam robotic laser welding system, robotic friction stir welding system, smart grinding robotic system, etc.

Robot Integration






Production Line Design

Automatic production line, as a typical representative of industrial revolution, exhibits high accuracy, high production efficiency, and high capacity. It is widely used for producing aero-engine parts and aeronautical structures in aviation industry. MTI’s design team is capable of delivering systematic integration of different types of working units (for example the vertical/horizontal 5-axis machining centers, automatic conveying system, measuring system, cleaning system, loading/unloading station, tool inspection system, and Stereoscopic Warehouse) to fulfill the requirement arise from aviation industry. The ability of on-line error diagnosis and alert, as has been developed by MTI, allows the production line to reliably work under a 7/24 circumstance with promising efficiency and consistency.

Automatic Production Line for Aero-engine Casing


Flexible production line for aero-engine casing components

Flexible Production Line for Aero-engine Casing Components

Smart aero-engine production line

Smart Aero-engine Production Line

Software Development

Being a pioneer in developing industrial software in China, MTI has long history in processing programming which is based on theoretical model. MTI’s software capability is highlighted by its achievement in automatic riveting programming and simulation, composite tape laying and fiber placement programming, robotic welding programming and simulation, and data processing for additive manufactured components.
Off-Line Programming and Simulation System for Automatic Riveting:

Software Development1

Data Processing Tool for Additive Manufacturing:

Software Development2

Automatic Tape Laying Programming System:

Software Development3