Production Line Design

Production Line Design

Automatic production line, as a typical representative of industrial revolution, exhibits high accuracy, high production efficiency, and high capacity. It is widely used for producing aero-engine parts and aeronautical structures in aviation industry. MTI’s design team is capable of delivering systematic integration of different types of working units (for example the vertical/horizontal 5-axis machining centers, automatic conveying system, measuring system, cleaning system, loading/unloading station, tool inspection system, and Stereoscopic Warehouse) to fulfill the requirement arise from aviation industry. The ability of on-line error diagnosis and alert, as has been developed by MTI, allows the production line to reliably work under a 7/24 circumstance with promising efficiency and consistency.

Automatic Production Line for Aero-engine Casing


Flexible production line for aero-engine casing components

Flexible Production Line for Aero-engine Casing Components

Smart aero-engine production line

Smart Aero-engine Production Line