Power Beam Welding

EB Welding

MTI is one of the very first research organizations in China that started to carry out fundamental and applied research on electron beam (EB) welding technology and has achieved remarkable R&D results in heavy-thickness part welding, multi-beam welding with heat treatment, EB welding of additive manufactured structures, etc. A series of research has been carried out at MTI on joint properties evaluation, process optimizing and equipment developing in regard to various materials, e.g. titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel based superalloy, steel and structures that are large, complex or for special use. As one of China’s leading institute in EB welding technology and equipment R&D, MTI is committed to applying our knowledge, experience, and technologies to real industrial context. Our business includes product manufacturing, contract R&D, technical consulting service and special equipment developing.

Fields of application:
- Welding of titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, superalloy, and steel, etc
- Welding of large, complicated and special structures for aerospace, vehicles, high pressure vessels

eb welding





Laser Welding

MTI has over 20 years’ experience in fundamental, application and equipment R&D on laser welding of metal materials and has participated in more than 10 national research projects. We are one of the very first research institutes in China to apply laser welding, laser-arc hybrid welding and dual beam laser welding on aeronautical component manufacturing and we have developed novel technologies including titanium alloy active flux laser welding. Based on high power CO2 laser, YAG laser and fiber laser, MTI has developed four-axis automatic welding system, gantry laser welding system and robotic laser welding system. At present, MTI is committed to developing advanced laser welding technologies e.g. light-weight alloy laser welding, laser-arc hybrid welding with filler wire, narrow gap laser welding and smart laser welding for T-joint.

Fields of Application:
Aeronautical and astronautic structures, thin-walled structure, light-weight structure, fuselage panel, firewall, slat rail, etc.

Laser Welding